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It Works Like MAGIC, But It’s Really SCIENCE:

Upon application, the beneficial biology in Dog Spot Solution immediately begins to work its magic – binding the salts and balancing the pH of the soil under the problem area.  Most importantly, Dog Spot Solution effectively neutralizes the excess nitrogen that is the root cause of the grass burn.

Easy To Use!

Program Instructions:

1. Simply sprinkle the Neutralize & Recovery Mix directly on the spots at a rate of 1-2 tablespoons per dog spot.

2. Apply 1/2 of the Recovery & Prevention Liquid to the affected area using the pre-set sprayer.  Remember to thoroughly rinse the sprayer after every use.

3. Repeat after 14 days for best results.

If you are like many of our other customers, you have read countless articles and baseless opinion pieces about what exactly causes these dead patches in your grass.  You have been told to change your dogs diet (which may be dangerous), you have been told it’s due to the high acidity or pH of the dogs urine, maybe you have been told it’s because of the salts.  Hopefully, somewhere along the line you have come to know what the real cause of the problem is, and that has brought you here to:


Certainly the change in the pH or acids in the urine and the concentration of salts do not help, but, the primary culprit is the spike of excess nitrogen from the dog’s urea that causes this burn.

*Completely Safe to use around Pets & Children

*100% Money Back Guarantee

*Simple to Use - Cannot be over Applied

*Protect the Significant Investment in your Lawn

Often, since female dogs tend to eliminate all in one area, these spots are referred to as “Female Dog Spot Disease”.  Of course, this is no disease, but, there is a cure…Dog Spot Solution!

Don't be fooled by bargain competition that literally spray-paints over the problem or the cheap grass seed that grows on cinderblocks.  Dog Spot Solution is a comprehensive professional quality lawn treatment that is guaranteed to solve your dog spot problem.

Female Dog Spot Disease:

Dog Spot After  2 Weeks

Dog Spot Before  Treatment

Dog Spot After  4 Weeks

Don't dig up your lawn and re-sod or re-seed.  Just follow our easy to use program instructions and your problem is solved.

You have dog urine spots in your grass, and you are looking for a reliable and cost effective way to fix them.  Good News, you have found your:  

Dog Spot Solution!

Just plug the Free Ready To Use sprayer on to your garden hose and spray the area your dog uses. The sprayer is preset to mix our proprietary formula.
Dog Spot Solution Repair & Prevention Package: Everything you need to fix the dog spots in your grass in one convenient package!

Our neighborhood Homeowners Association is very aggressive when it comes to monitoring lawn maintenance, and our “dog spots” had resulted in more than one enforcement letter in our mailbox.  We were spending countless hours, not to mention tons of money on trying everything possible to fix this problem.  In hindsight, we now realize that every product we tried was just offering a temporary solution, heck, we even fell for the sales pitch of one product that was basically just green spray-paint!  We then heard a local garden show on the radio where the expert was discussing what really causes the damaging reaction, and how the solution was to actually treat the soil with something that would bind the salts, balance the pH, and most importantly, neutralize the excess nitrogen that was concentrated in the area and which actually kills the grass.  He recommended Dog Spot Solution, and we have been using it ever since.  3 simple applications a year, Spring, Early Summer, and Fall, and our lawn has never looked better.  Sincere thanks from us (and our HOA, too!)

Mary S. - Windermere, Florida

Another Happy Customer: 1 lb Neutralize &  Recovery Mix (Easily Treats 20-50  Dog Spots)

Hello there,

I just had to let you know how wonderful your product is!  To be candid, I was extremely skeptical at first.  Reason being, I thought I had tried EVERYTHING.  I had done tons of research on the Internet, and everyone seemed to claim to have the answer.  I heard it was the pH, and what I needed to do was give my dogs Tomato Juice - worthless.

I tried the Chewable Vitamins for my dogs, because that was supposed to work, WASTE OF MONEY.

I tried gypsum, NO HELP...

I was about to give up, and then, I read some good information on a site I found The authors of that blog spoke about the REAL causes of the problem, how it was too much Nitrogen, and how Dog Spot Solution really had what it took to genuinely FIX THE REAL PROBLEM.  I guess when you guys named it "Solution", you really knew what you were doing!

Thank you, very much for providing a superior product.  I am glad I tried it, and am a committed long term customer.

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32 oz Recovery &  Prevention Liquid (Provides Coverage For Up To 2,000 Sq. Ft.)

Dog Spot on Grass Before Dog Spot Solution

Dog Spot on Grass After Dog Spot Solution

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