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Dog Spot Reviews

Great products

Finally a product that works, THANK YOU so very much!

Reviewed by: Ted Weihe from Coconut Creek.-2/7/2017

Glad I bookmarked the website after my research – I came back!

You are going to laugh when you read this review. I ordered the product back in March, and my husband got mad, and told me to “Send that stuff right back and get a refund! I can fix it, just have to put some fertilizer on the spots, and spread some seed” Well, I talked to a nice man there at the company and he happily gave me the refund and told me to bookmark the webpage and come back and order again after trying the “Just put fertilizer on it” method. He knew that would not work and explained at length that putting fertilizer on it would actually be making it worse. I think we both had a bit of a laugh about the whole thing, we just had to let my husband see for himself. It took a couple of months of (his) frustration before he saw the light. He started trying to patch the spots by putting seed down and spreading fertilizer. That did not work. Then, he asked the “experts” at the garden center, and they said “You gotta put down MORE (expensive) fertilizer, and MORE (expensive)seed” Well, of course more of the same did not work either. Finally, HE (LOL) decided we should try Dog Spot Solution, since their explanation made the most sense, and of course, since it was his idea, it was a great idea this time around. I’m just happy we came back, and now we know what we will be using from now on.

Reviewed by: Catherine B. from Lawrenceville, Georgia.-11/24/2016

I tried the competition – Dog Spot Solution wins hands down

This was my fourth different product that I tried, and FINALLY found one that works. I was so sick of getting the run around, bait and switch, etc…I was really mad about one that had this catch=phrase “3,2,1” and then, only gave enough product for a small part of that. Glad I found Dog Spot Solution, it worked as advertised, and ended up costing a lot less. Great value, great results. Get the double order.

Reviewed by: Steve from Utah.-7/21/2016

First time I have ever written a review – Happy customer, product works

Never took the time before, but, I was so impressed with the company. I had a lot of questions, and I was very skeptical. I called and spoke to customer service. The explanation they provide really makes sense. They took their time, answered all of my questions, and shipped my order promptly. Best of all, it worked, and I am very glad I got the double order, plenty of product for my area.

Reviewed by: Suzanne from Atlanta, Georgia. -7/7/2016

Saved me from a lecture about lawncare!

Well, the in-laws were coming for summer vacation. I NEEDED a fix for my shoddy looking grass, I did NOT want to listen to a lecture about my lawn. THANKS DOG SPOT SOLUTION, you saved me. I put it on, and within 3 weeks had visible improvement, and after a second round of treatment, the lawn never looked better.

Reviewed by: Steve H from Wisconsin.-6/28/2016

It REALLY works

I have tried no less than 5 other “solutions”, and wasted a ton of time and money. I am happy to give 5 stars to Dog Spot Solution, and happy that I FINALLY found this one! I will be a customer for life. Thank you Dog Spot Solution.

Reviewed by: Sam from California.-6/5/2016

Great Results, Great Customer Service

Well, it’s easy to be happy about your product. So many others advertise a “solution”, and you really have one. I don’t want to admit how many other products we tried, and how much time, effort and money we wasted. I was so glad I googled and found Dog Spot Solution. I really appreciate the customer service, and how you made a special quadruple order available for us since we have a very large yard. You went the extra mile, and we will be ordering an annual supply each year.

Reviewed by: James W from San Diego.-5/16/2016

So glad we found you!

You offered by FAR the most reasonable explanation, so we decide to try your product. Well, we are glad we did. Works as advertised, easy to use, fast results. The double order is a good value, we had plenty for our entire area, with enough to spare to treat the remainder of our dogs run. The grass has never looked better. We will re-order next spring. Thanks for the education, and for making something that works.

Reviewed by: Tammy F from Pennsylvania.-4/18/2016

Double order is the way to go

I am a repeat customer. I tried it last year with only the single order. Now that I know it works, I am ordering the Double! Thank you for making a product that exceeds expectations, and does what you say it will do.

Reviewed by: Mary from Westchester, NY.-7/15/2015

Rating Fixed my yard in time for the family reunion

If you are looking for a “solution”, you have found it. They named it right, and I am happy to recommend it. We had positive results even more quicker than the instructions said we would. We had to get the yard in shape before a family reunion, and Dog Spot Solution did the trick.

Reviewed by: Arthur from Long Island, NY.-7/1/2015